Walker – 5th October 2017


Walker (1989) dir. Alex Cox, English language, 95min.

A rising star in Hollywood in the mid-eighties, director Alex Cox made the major studio “punkspoitation” films Repo Man and Sid & Nancy before going rogue with $5 million of Universal Studio’s money to make an anti-American, pro-revolutionary, anarchist critique of US imperialism in Central America.

Cox had just turned down the opportunity to direct The Three Amigos after declaring the script to be propaganda for the Monroe Doctrine, enlisted screenwriter Rudy Wurlitzer (Two Lane Blacktop, Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid), emerging stars Ed Harris and Marlee Matlin, the Clash’s Joe Strummer as composer and made Hollywood’s most anarchic satire disguised as an historical biopic.

The film was disowned by the deeply disturbed Universal Pictures, it was buried on release with zero promotion, Cox was blacklisted by Hollywood for life, and it’s probably the greatest satire of the 80s, and one of the most subversive films ever made.

Location: Melbourne Anarchist Club, 62 St Georges Rd, Northcote.

Time: Doors at 7pm for a 7:30 start, 5th October, 2017.

Admission is free, bring vinyl copies of the soundtrack for me to drool over.



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